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Facebook for the old and the young

There’s been lots of discussion about the aging of Facebook recently. This doesn’t feel like a new phenomenon to me as quite a few of my own Facebook friends are in fact my aunts and uncles having mastered email and even Skype and now joining Facebook to see what it’s all about, and maybe even see what their kids are up to!

What has struck me recently is that the younger generation have stopped using what we’d see as traditional online communications channels like email. By looking at traffic to Facebook versus email sites we can see the impact already. Younger users don’t have the same need for email now that they have Bebo, Facebook and the likes. My 18 year old cousin has been a big user of social networking for many years, spending an unnatural amount of time glued to Bebo. And her first foray into email just happened recently, out of necessity, as she started college and was given a student email account.

How she and the rest of her generation will use online channels for communications in future remains to be seen. However what we can be sure of is that marketeers will need to continue to adapt and allow customers to choose how and where they want to communicated with, be that on Facebook, Bebo, Twitter or on email.