All things Mac

After years of gazing wistfully at the simple elegance of the Mac but being too scared to abandon all that I knew and head off into the unknown I finally crumbled. Yes I bought myself a Macbook and the best thing about it is that the transition hasn’t been painful at all. I don’t miss being able to right click and I definitely don’t miss the frequent crashes I became used to. And let’s be honest, it is a thing of real beauty.

Not long after I converted to the Mac I decided I needed, not wanted you understand, but actually needed an iPhone. I love it! It has everything I could possibly need in a small pocket sized computer. There’s just one problem. It’s just not that great as a phone.

Yes you can browse the web, use Google Maps so you never get lost, access all of your contacts, sync your calendar, send emails and do a million different and indispensable things. However you can’t do really simple things that you normally do with a phone like save a draft of a text message, or see how many characters you’ve already used in the SMS message you’re writing. I’m getting used to it but I’m really hoping that Apple are working on a new version which will make the iPhone better, more of a phone really.